Pictured from left to right: Rory Nugent, Joanne Carey, Mya Brewis, Shannon Born, Cheryl Miller and Bruce Davies.

Executive Director

Bruce Davies, Executive Director

For 25 years, Bruce has worked with donors across Canada to ensure their charitable aspirations are realized. In his new role as Executive Director, Bruce is committed to continuing and expanding upon COF’s strong record of endowment building, donor stewardship, grant making and community leadership.

Contact: bruce@centralokanaganfoundation.org

Finance Administrator

Rory Nugent, Finance Administrator

A Certified General Accountant dedicated to providing ongoing liaison and support to our valued donors, including advice on gifting options. As Finance Administrator, Rory steadfastly ensures the financial health of the Foundation and strives for excellence in managing COF's administrative effectiveness.

Contact: rory@centralokanaganfoundation.org

Grants Manager

Cheryl Miller, Grants Manager

Cheryl manages COF's granting programs and supports charitable applicants through the process. She also coordinates and supports our various volunteer advisory committees as they review and consider applications. Her vast granting experience and charitable sector insights are invaluable resources to the process of determining grant allocations.

Contact: cheryl@centralokanaganfoundation.org

Grants Coordinator

Joanne Carey, Grants Coordinator

Joanne is committed to community engagement and responsible social research. She is excited to assist with the COF's granting program.

Contact: joanne@centralokanaganfoundation.org