Across Canada, the Vital Signs® program is designed to assemble local information and statistics related to the vitality of individual communities, and by so doing, reveal opportunities for them to improve. The program is spearheaded and coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada. The Central Okanagan Foundation has participated in the Vital Signs® program since 2009. Every two years, most recently in 2015, the foundation has published a printed booklet featuring a wide range of data for the Central Okanagan, while highlighting local organizations that the foundation has funded which are working to make a difference in the community.

This time, we have reimagined its format, purpose, and audiences. We recognize that in an increasingly digital world people now consume and use information differently. We also seek to engage a broader range of audiences in a more extended conversation about matters related to the quality of life in our region. Finally, we wish to do more than provide isolated infographic “snippets”, and instead offer deeper insights, based on research, that show how various national, provincial, and local trends interact to influence our community over time.

We will be creating a digitally-distributed Vital Brief ® focusing on one of six topical areas: “Creating Community: Inclusion and Leadership” (October 2017), “The Creative Workforce: People and Jobs” (January 2018), “Living Creatively: Health and Well-Being”(April 2018), “Creating Sustainability: The Environment” (June 2018), “Creating Equality: Housing and Homelessness, Rich and Poor” (August 2018), and “Creativity and Culture: Art and Education” (September 2018).

To Download the latest Vital Brief, the Creative Work Force: An Ecosystem of Innovation, CLICK HERE.

October 2017 - Creating Community: Inclusion and Leadership. DOWNLOAD HERE.