Q:What kind of funds can I establish or participate in?

One of the strengths of the COF is our tremendous flexibility. Small gifts may be added to existing funds, or gifts can become a fund unto itself.

Fund options include:

Community Fund - serves the broad needs of the community. Income is distributed in response to applications received by COF from charitable organizations.

Field of Interest Fund - serves a distinct sector of the community: for example arts & culture; children, youth & family; education; health & community service; and heritage, historical & conservation.

Williams/Wace Administration Fund - the income from this fund is used to help defray the Foundation's operating costs.

Agency Endowment Fund - income is generated for a specific charitable organization.

Family/Business Fund - these are established by families or businesses and produce an investment income that can be distributed to a specific charity, field of interest, or can be added to the community fund. What a wonderful way to establish and family legacy or generate recognition of your company's community support. A minimum contribution is to establish a family or business fund is $10,000. (Your fund can be started with as little as $2,000, with additional pledges made over 5 years.)

Donor Advised Fund - minimum capital contribution of $50,000. (Your fund can be started with as little as $10,000 with a pledge to be at $50,000 in 5 years) Investment income is distributed annually with input from the donor. This Fund allows the donor to retain the essential elements of a private foundation without the higher costs associated with the administration of a private foundation.

One for Ten and Ten for All – A minimum capital contribution of $10,000 is required for this program.. (Fund can be started with as little as $1000 and a pledge to be at $10,000 in 10 years) Investment income is distributed annually to the Community Granting Pool. Grants will be chosen on your behalf by COF’s voluntary grants advisory committees to respond to evolving community needs. This fund can be named after your family, business or as a tribute to someone you love and is great for those just starting out in philanthropy.

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Q:How can I contribute?

For more information about how to establish a fund, please visit our contact page or simply call our Executive Director at 250.861.6160.

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Q:Why give to the COF

A: The COF manages an endowment – a pool of funds that generates income. The income is used to provide grants to a variety of charities performing valuable work in the community. The COF enables your giving, however great or small, to work for your community for generations to come. The COF allows you, the donor, to direct those earnings in general areas of interest, or to specific charities. You can even establish your own Fund through the COF ($10,000 minimum capital requirement can come in over a five-year period)

The COF will be wise stewards of your charitable dollars and will invest the income generated in important community projects.

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Q:When is it a good time to give a gift?

Any time during your life is a good time to make a current gift, or create a gift in your will. The desire to give something back to your community often occurs during time of significant change in your life, or you may be motivated to share the good fortune of a business sale, dividend or inheritance.

However, many feel they cannot afford to surrender capital during their lifetime. That is why more dollars are given by bequests (gifts through a will) than any other form of giving.

Planned giving is simply the process of planning your philanthropic gifts to meet your personal objectives. Whether your gift is a one-time donation, ongoing support, or a gift in your will, you have the freedom to direct your charitable gift toward areas of interest most important to you.

The planning process can be simple or complex and may involve your financial and estate plan. It is often made through a legal instrument and may require the participation of advisors, lawyers and/or accountants. These advisors can often identify tax savings or make your gift go farther. Donors can also call upon the specialized expertise of the COF.

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Q:Who gives to the COF?

Anyone can give to the COF in any amount.

The COF has a number of ways for individuals, families, organizations, private foundations and businesses to contribute. The COF is the vehicle that enables donors of many different means to give something back to their community.

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Q:What happens to my gift?

Your gift will be pooled and invested, with the earnings going to the area specified at the time the gift is made. This could include a specific charity, a field of interest, or a wide range of charitable activities within the Central Okanagan. You can even specify a geographic area such as Lake Country or Peachland.

While the COF is a Community Foundation, we are also able to facilitate gifts to national and international charities. We are committed to providing one stop gifting to our donors and can take care of ALL of your charitable needs!

The capital gift you have given will be held in perpetuity with the income generated distributed to your charities of choice on an annual basis.

Endowment giving provides a gift that truly lasts more than a lifetime.

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