Memorial Funds and Donations

Memorial Funds Create a Lasting Legacy...

An endowment fund can create a lasting memorial to honour your loved one.  Central Okanagan Foundation offers donors - family and friends - multiple ways to establish a perpetual legacy in memory of someone special.

It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible in a time of grief and loss.  When a loved one passes away, a memorial endowment fund can be established to benefit their favorite charitable causes in the community and ensure that both their memory and support of community are honored in perpetuity.

Contact us at 250-861-6160 to find out more about setting up a fund to have your loved one's name live on in perpetuity.


Memorial Donations...

Perhaps starting a permanent Endowment Fund is not your goal.  There are still meaningful ways to have memorial donations made to our community in honour of your loved one.  We can ensure that memorial donations are distributed to a favourite charity, or to Central Okanagan Foundation's Community Granting program from which grants in support of community charities and causes are awarded bi-annually.

Central Okanagan Foundation is here to help you coordinate the donation process for memorial services, funerals, and beyond. 


Please contact Central Okanagan Foundation at 250-861-6160 to find out more about memorial donations and endowment funds.