Giving back to our community is what the Central Okanagan Foundation is all about. One of the primary ways we do this is by allowing registered charities and not-for-profits to apply to the Foundation for a grant. Presently the COF administers three different types of granting programs:

COF Grants

The COF's own granting program takes place twice per year in May and October. Specific funds from our endowments are pooled into a Community Fund and the income that is earned on these funds is what is granted out to the registered charities that apply to us.
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City of Kelowna Grants

Since 2005 the COF has been administering the following granting programs on behalf of the City of Kelowna: Community Social Development Grants; Grants to Address the Sexual Exploitation of Youth; and Emergency Grants. These are open to not-for-profit organizations and registered not-for-profits. Starting in 2010, COF also began administering the following City of Kelowna Arts granting programs: Arts, Culture & Heritage Operating Grants; Community Festivals, Events & Project Grants.
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Other Grants

The COF also works closely with other groups to assist them with their granting programs. From time to time Service Clubs, Businesses, Giving Circles, and/or Private Foundations have benefited from the specialized skills of our granting staff and volunteer committees. Check this section regularly for "other" granting opportunities COF is currently involved in...
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