Community Funds

The Central Okanagan Foundation is broad in scope and provides supports across the non-profit sector including the following funds independently set up to have impact where it is needed:

Our Funds

  • Arts & Culture
  • Animal Welfare
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health, Wellness, and Community Service
  • Heritage, Historical and Conservation

We of course also have a fund completely set up and dedicated to Area of Greatest Need and an Impact Fund as well as an Operating Fund. 

Feel free to choose from close to 200 open funds from families, supporters, individual and corporate entities who are like minded in supporting the needs of our Region.  Better yet, consider starting your own Endowment Fund today and ensure that your gift is directed to exactly where you would like to see impact.

Charitable funds for charities

Agency endowment funds Charitable organizations can establish an endowment with a community foundation to provide a permanent source of funding for their organization. Donors who wish to leave a legacy to their favourite charity benefit from knowing a trusted organization is managing their Fund so the charity can concentrate on its community mission.

Managed funds*

Managed funds are endowment funds entrusted to a community foundation by other charitable organizations for investment purposes only. The asset ownership is maintained by the charity, and it has access to the principal and income at any time. The organization benefits from the governance and economies of scale that come with pooling assets along with others.

*Managed Funds are not offered at all community foundations.