Spring 2020 Multi-year Grants

Organization Project Description Amount Funded
Cool Arts Society Multi Year Operational funding providing adults with developmental disabilities with Fine Arts opportunities. $20,000

Kelowna Ballet Society

Multi Year Operational funding supporting Canadian dancers in the performance of innovative works to national and international audiences. $18,000

Brain Trust Canada Association

Multi Year Community Support Facilitator to deliver 11 hours per week of direct client support for youth with brain injury and/or concussion at the Foundry. $23,000

Central Okanagan Emergency Shelter Society (Kelowna Women’s Shelter)

Multi Year Interactive 10-12 week program for women recovering from abuse that provides an outlet through which they are able to define their feelings, make sense of their experiences and explore available options. $19,442
Hands in Service Multi Year Improving IT, hiring a bookkeeper and improving volunteer services to support the organization in providing free compassionate and relational non-medical home care, referral services and food security assistance to vulnerable clients. $20,000

Hope for the Nations

Multi Year Support the Food for Thought program in the delivery of their breakfast, backpack, and community gardening programs. $20,000
Kelowna Family Services Centre Society (Connect Counselling) Multi Year Operational funding supporting free professional counselling services to families, youth, couples, and seniors. $20,000
Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society Multi Year Operational funding supporting literacy programming throughout the Central Okanagan. $20,000

Spring 2020 Project Grants

Organization Project Description Amount Funded

Chamber Music Kelowna

Electronic Platforms Enhancement   Technology upgrade enabling streamlined collection of donations, data management and additional methods of program & content delivery. $5,500
Okanagan Artists Alternative Association Art Mart Funding supporting the ArtMart vending machine project which repurposes vending machines to purchase art such as stickers, post cards, and t-shirts. $5,000

Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society

Cross Cultural Snake Smart Community Engagement Cross-cultural training to correctly identify snake species resulting in reduced mortality and increased safety for agricultural workers $5,000
Thompson Okanagan Toursim Association Strengthening Communications for Conservation - Phase II Implementation Communications project ensuring that the public, and elected officials have the information required to make informed decisions about building sustainable communities that safeguard our water, protect natural landscapes and biodiversity.


Uptown Rutland Business Association Uptown Mural Project 2020 3-5 murals in the Rutland area showcasing BC artists. $12,000

Canadian Mental Health Association-Kelowna

Discovery College Discovery College provides free courses to promote mental health knowledge and skills for anyone to gain confidence to face life's challenges. $13,000

Habitat for Humanity Okanagan

Kitchen Salvage Dismantling kitchens to resell at ReStore, providing revenue for affordable housing programs. $13,000
Westside Health Network Chat Room Social isolation reduction program for older persons. $7,600