Individuals & Family Giving

Charitable funds for individuals

Any of the Funds below can be established during your lifetime or through a bequest in your Will. We will help you determine which type of fund fits your needs best. All gifts made to your Fund will be invested professionally, and a portion of the total value of the Fund is available each year for distribution to any registered Canadian charity.

Unrestricted funds – Endowed

Your gift is used to meet ever-changing community needs and priorities, including those that may not even be known at the time you made your gift. A community foundation evaluates all aspects of community well-being — arts and culture, environment, health and social services, youth and more. Your trust in a community foundation makes it possible for us to make decisions in response to our community’s most pressing needs and priorities.

Field of interest funds

You identify your area(s) of interest when you establish your Fund. A community foundation makes the decisions about which organizations to support taking your interests into consideration.

Designated funds

You recommend specific charities you wish to support at the time you set up your Fund. A community foundation manages the annual distribution to those charities.

Donor advised funds

You or your named successor donor advisor make choices annually about which charities you wish to support. You may support any registered Canadian charity or other qualified donee as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Scholarship funds

A Fund in your name or a loved one can provide student scholarships that benefit youth in your area(s) of interest. A community foundation helps you define the scholarship criteria, handles all administrative details, and awards scholarships to deserving students in the name of the Fund you establish.

Unrestricted – Spend down or Flow through funds

A Funds in the name of the contributing agency can provide a gift for a limited time. The initial gift can be added to at any time, which will prolong the initial fund established. Distribution can be a set amount or percentage that will decline over time as the distribution to any registered Canadian charity occurs. It can be donor advised or at the discretion of the Foundation during their regular granting cycle.