Types of Funds

Pledge Fund (minimum $2000)

Allows for a named fund to be created for any charitable purpose with a minimum $2000 contribution. Pledge Funds offer the flexibility to add to the fund over time while the fund reaches its desired goal. Pledge funds can be started for most of the fund types listed below.

Community Fund Donation (no gift too small)

Our "Community Fund" is a general fund that combines gifts of various sizes from individuals and groups. The income earned on this fund is distributed through the grant application process. Our Community Fund ensures that future generations can make a difference to our community relevant to changing community needs.

Named Designated Fund (minimum $10,000)

A designated fund allows you to benefit a charity of your choice. Each year the income from your endowment fund is dedicated to that charitable organization exclusively. The fund can be named after your family, your business, or the charity itself. (This fund can be started with $2000 and a pledge to contribute $2000 each year for 5 years until the fund reaches $10,000)

Field of Interest Fund (minimum $10,000)

This type of fund allows you to direct the income from your fund more broadly to cover a particular area of interest rather than any specific organization; e.g. arts, youth, health, education, etc. (This fund can be started with $2000 and a pledge to contribute $2000 each year for 5 years until the fund reaches $10,000)

Donor Advised Fund (minimum $50,000)

The most flexible of funds, Donor Advised Fund income can be re-directed to different charitable causes each year. This fund provides donors with the same benefits as a Private Foundation without the administrative costs or onerous reporting responsibilities. Donor Advised Funds also allow for succession planning if you would like to pass the legacy of giving along to your children. Donors always have the option of creating a legacy that will be taken care of through having the Foundation's board of directors take on this responsibility instead of naming a successor. (This fund can be started with $10,000 and a pledge to contribute $10,000 each year for 5 years until the fund reaches $50,000)


This fund is geared to those of us who want to get involved in philanthropy in a more gradual way. This fund allows donors to start a named fund with $1000 and a pledge to give $1000 per year until the fund reaches $10,000. Income from this fund goes to the Community Granting cycle where our volunteer committees consider a broad range of applications from groups seeking funding for valuable projects in our community.


Sometimes a gift for today (also called a "flow-through gift") is the most appropriate gift. Let us know if you want to make an immediate impact by having your gift flowed through to a charity right away. As a Donor, we encourage you to consider starting a fund, making an endowment gift, and/or making a flow-through gift. The beauty of working with COF is that we can structure your gift in any way that suits you and the charities you wish to benefit.

Memorial Funds

When a loved one passes away you want to be comforted by their memory. What better way to remember a loved one forever than to have a fund set up in his or her name to support a charitable cause in the community? Contact us to find out more about setting up a fund to have your loved one's name live on in perpetuity.

Looking to start an Endowment Fund?

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