City of Kelowna Grants

Since 2005 the COF has been administering the following granting programs on behalf of the City of Kelowna:

  • Community Social Development Grants
  • Grants to Address the Sexual Exploitation of Youth
  • Emergency Grants

Starting in 2010, COF also began administering the following City of Kelowna Arts granting programs:  

  • Arts, Culture & Heritage Operating and Project Grants

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City of Kelowna Grants Information

Community Social Development Grants

The purpose of the Community Social Development grants program is to make available funding to registered non-profit organizations and community organizations offering socially beneficial services or programs in the City of Kelowna. The application deadline is 3:30 p.m. on the last Friday of February.

Emergency Grants

Emergency grants may be available to registered charities offering social programs in Kelowna, for the purpose of assisting the organizations through a financial crisis. Any monies granted will be short-term bridging funding only and will depend on the availability of funds in the Social Development Grant Reserve. Grants will not exceed $5,000.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Operating Grants

Operating Grants are available to arts. culture and heritage organizations that carry out the majority of their work in Kelowna. These grants support the operations of the organization, but are not to be used for startup, events, or capital projects.

This grant acknowledges the work these organizations do and how they positively contribute to Kelowna's quality of life, identity and economy. Grants are extended to recipients who demonstrate vision, accountability and spirit of community service in their operations.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Project Grants

Project grants are available to community organizations, which provide a festival, event or project featuring arts, culture and/or heritage based elements for the benefit of Kelowna residents. Eligible organizations are not required to be from the arts, culture or heritage sector.

The program acknowledges that new initiatives need seed money and existing projects may need support to help them grow.

All festivals, events and projects must be accessible to the public, offering a unique experience, and feature arts, culture or heritage content. Funding is provided for up to 3 consecutive years on a matching 50/50 basis.


Grant Requirements

City of Kelowna

  • To view the City's latest Official Community Plan click here.
  • For Council Policy 360 of the Official Community Plan click here.
  • For Chapter 10 of the Official Community Plan click here.
  • To view the City's Social Framework click here.

Applying for a City of Kelowna Grant

For all categories of grants, grant applications, checklists for completion, and terms of reference, please visit the City of Kelowna website.


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City of Kelowna Final Report

As per the Letter of Agreement page 3 section h i,ii,iii:

h)    The Agency will submit to the Central Okanagan Foundation within 90 days of the end of the Grant term, a detailed written report that:

(i)    specifies how the agreed upon measurable performance targets were met;
provides Project statistics and supplementary data as they relate to project goals, objectives and outcomes;

(ii)   provides for effective monitoring of the relationships between needs and
services and for cost sharing with other levels of government and,

(iii)  includes a financial statement prepared in accordance with GAAP and
certified correct by the Directors of the Agency or an independent auditor,
showing all revenue and expenses related to the Project and detailing how the
grant funds were dispersed.


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Previous Grants

2015 City of Kelowna, Arts, Culture & Heritage Operating Grants  
Bumbershoot Children's Theatre      $          10,000
Central Okanagan Heritage Society                                            $          10,000
Chamber Music Kelowna                                                             $            9,000
Cool Arts Society                                                                                   $          10,000
Dolyna Ukrainian Cultural Society                                                       $            1,500
Kelowna City Concert Band Society                                                      $            6,000
Kelowna Community Music School Society                                        $            8,500
Kiwanis Music Festival Society                                                           $            4,000
New Vintage Theatre Society*                                                            $            7,000
Okanagan Chinese Canadian Association (OCCA)                              $            5,300
Okanagan Festival Singers                                                                 $            4,000
Okanagan Historical Society                                                                $          10,000
Opera Kelowna Society                                                                         $          15,000
Ponderosa Spinners & Weavers                                                           $            1,000
2015 City of Kelowna, Arts, Culture & Heritage Project Grants  
Ballet Kelowna Society                                                                        $            4,000
Chamber Music Kelowna                                                                     $            1,300
Cool Arts Society                                                                                      $            2,000
Bumbershoot Childrens' Theatre                                                            $            5,000
Centre Culturel Francophone de L'Okanagan          $          10,000
Dolyna Ukrainian Cultural Society                                                          $            1,000
Intercultural Society of the Central Okanagan                                       $            3,500
Ki-Low-na Friendship Society                                                          $            4,000
New Vintage Theatre Society                                                                  $            5,750
Okanagan Chinese Canadian Association (OCCA)                                $            6,000
Okanagan Historical Society (Father Pandosy Mission)                         $            2,500
Okanagan Korean Culture and Knowledge Society                            $            3,950
Okanagan Pride Society                                                                         $            8,000
Opera Kelowna Society                                                                                  $          10,000
Society of Canadian Visual Artists                                                        $            3,000
2015 City of Kelowna, Community Social Development Grants and Grants to Address the Sexual Exploitation of Youth
Canadian Mental Health Association                                     $            3,200
Canadian Red Cross, Kelowna                                                  $            5,013
Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society                                 $            5,000
Elevation Outdoor Experiential Programs Association           $            1,400
Food for Thought Kelowna Breakfast Society                           $            5,000
Hands in Service                                                                   $          10,000
Kelowna Child Care Society                                                     $          10,000
Kelowna Community Food Bank                                              $            8,000
Kelowna Gospel Mission                                                   $          10,000
Kelowna Women's Shelter                                                     $            5,000
Okanagan Fruit Tree Project Society                                      $            2,387
Project Literacy Kelowna Society                                 $            5,000
The Bridge Youth & Family Services                                     $          10,000
Canadian Mental Health Association                                    $            4,440
Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society                             $          10,000
New Opportunities for Women (NOW) Canada Society          $            7,560
2014 Arts, Culture & Heritage Operating Grants


Bumbershoot Children's Theatre
 $         10,000
Central Okanagan Heritage Society
 $         12,000
Centre Culturel Francophone de L'Okanagan
 $            8,000
Chamber Music Kelowna
 $            9,000
Cool Arts Society
 $            8,000
Creative Okanagan
 $            1,500
Dolyna Ukrainian Cultural Society
 $            1,500
Kelowna City Concert Band
 $            6,000
Kelowna Community Music School
 $            8,500
Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival
 $           10,000
Kiwanis Music Festival Society
 $            5,000
Okanagan Chinese Canadian Association
 $            6,800
Okanagan Festival Singers
 $            5,000
Okanagan Historical Society

 $          10,000

Ponderosa Spinners & Weavers

 $            1,000

Total  $            102,300
2014 Arts, Culture & Heritage Project Grants

Bumbershoot Children's Theatre
 $            3,000
Central Okanagan Heritage Society
 $            1,450
Centre Culturel Francophone de L'Okanagan  $           10,000
Kelowna Art Gallery  $            5,400
Kelowna Visual and Performing Arts Centre Society  $            5,000
Kiwanis Music Festival Society  $            8,000
Okanagan Artists Alternative Association  $            2,600
Okanagan Chinese Canadian Association (OCCA)  $            7,000
Okanagan Symphony Orchestra Society  $            5,000
Society of Canadian Visual Artists  $            2,100


 $               49,550
2014 Community Social Development Grants and Grants to Address the Sexual Exploitation of Youth
Canadian Red Cross, Kelowna
 $           10,000
Church Serve Canada (Operating as Hands in Service)
 $             8,250
Food for Thought Breakfast Kelowna  
 $             7,825
Inn from the Cold
 $           10,000
Kelowna Community Food Bank  $             3,000
Kelowna Family Services Centre
 $             5,000
Okanagan Fruit Tree Project
 $           10,000
Project Literacy Kelowna Society
 $           10,000
Seniors Outreach Services Society
 $             5,000
The Kelowna and District Society for People in Motion
 $           10,925
Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fy Society
 $           10,000
New Opportunities for Women
 $           12,000

 $             102,000

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Q:Can an agency apply for a Central Okanagan Foundation grant as well as a City of Kelowna grant?

Yes. The funds come from different sources and applying for a COF grant does not affect your application for a City grant.

Q:Who makes the decisions as to which applicants will receive a City of Kelowna grant?

A separate advisory committee was established to review the applications and make the recommendations for City of Kelowna grants. The committee is made up of community volunteers. There are a total of six volunteers who reflect a diversity of age, ethnic background, professional and experiential background. The recommendations from this committee are presented to City Council who give their final approval.

Q:How do Advisory Committee members determine if they have a conflict of interest regarding applications and should be absent from the discussion?

Our Conflict of Interest Policy is very explicit about the need for Advisory Committee members to absent themselves from discussion pertaining to applications when they are on the board of, or employed by, the applicant organizations. In situations where the involvement is less direct, conflict of interest is most effectively avoided by declaring the bias and asking for guidance in terms of participation in the discussion. A Committee member can do this by contacting the Director of Grants and Community Initiatives prior to the meeting, discussing the potential conflict with the Chair, or by declaring the potential conflict to the whole Committee during the meeting.

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