Professional Advisor Resources

By working with the Central Okanagan Foundation, professional advisors, such as financial planners, lawyers, accountants, notaries and others, can help their clients fulfill their financial and charitable goals. At the Central Okanagan Foundation, we can work as your charitable partner while you stay in control of your client relationship.

Here are five key ways that the Central Okanagan Foundation can help:

  1. Charitable Giving Expertise - we have helped donors establish over 300 endowment funds
  2. Flexible Giving Options - we can create plans tailored to your clients' needs and goals
  3. Community Granting Expertise - we have invested in local charities for over 40 years
  4. Connections across Generations - we have assisted families in building a philanthropic tradition, from parents to children to grandchildren
  5. Stewardship of Assets - we prudently manage over $30 million in investments

As a professional advisor, you can help your clients create and realize a personal philanthropic vision. With our knowledge of community issues, experienced granting and flexible giving options, COF can provide you with the resources you need to help better serve your clients.

Please contact Kathy Butler, 250.861.6160, if you would like to:



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